MiWuLa: Allgemeine Diskussionen rund ums Wunderland • One week today....

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MiWuLa: Allgemeine Diskussionen rund ums Wunderland • One week today....

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Well this has been a rough couple of weeks. We have all caught the Omicron variant of Covid. Happily for us the symptoms were very mild and we are now testing negative again. Both my wife and I work a few days a week in a school and this is almost certainly where one of us caught it. I think I am mostly relieved that we have got this out of the way in plenty of time for our next holiday to Hamburg. I am safe to go to back to work tomorrow and there will be absolutely no trace of the virus in us by the time we visit Germany.

Next Sunday (3rd of April) my family and I arrive in Hamburg for a full week. We are VERY excited.

If anyone is in the area and would like to meet up I would be very happy to say "hello" and buy you a beer. Staff members, forum members, old friends or new friends!
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